About Us

Teeform company has established in February 1981 with the aim of implementing the civil projects, production and trade by domestic experts . Since then, Teeform Company is one of the leading contractors in Infrastructure projects and environmental development projects working in Iran with more than 70 highly qualified expert using their knowledge, technical ability and experience.
High-grade man power and technical capabilities have enabled the company to embark on the build and run of more than 29 projects in more than 25 locations within the region.
the services are mainly provided for water and wastewater companies, ministry of house and civil construction, ministry of roads and transportation, ministry of petroleum.
Teeform has been obtained ISO 9001: 2000 certification for quality management system.

Major Field of activity:
• Water resource development and dam construction
• Utilization of the irrigation and drainage system
• Water resources and irrigation system development
• Telemetry
• Wastewater disposal and treatment plants
• Oil and gas pipelines
• Drinking water transmission line, reservoirs, distribution system and treatment plants
• Road construction
• Consumption management
• Utilizing water transmission lines and lateral installation

Member of :

Board of directors of construction companies Khorasan

National Association of Iran

Technical Oversight Committee Khorasan

Dam Committee and Road Construction of Khorasan