1Appreciation for CHAHCAHE Dam project
Awarded by:Energy Minister
Year Received:2015
2Appreciation for Implementation of water projects in Khorasan province
Awarded by: Governor of Khorasan
Year Received:2004
3 Appreciation for Cooperation with the Technical Oversight Committee in Khorasan
Awarded by: chairman of the Management and Planning Organization of Khorasan Razavi
Year Received:2004
4Appreciated since the company was selected as the top contractor in the field of water engineering projects.
Awarded by: chairman of the Association of Construction Companies in Khorasan razavi
Year Received:2003
5Appreciation for Raze Birjand Dam project( Diversion System)
Awarded by: Governor of Birjand
Year Received:2004
6Appreciation for donations to build schools
Awarded by: head of the department of education in kalat city
Year Received:2013