Governor of Khorasan Razavi dam projects Chahchahe and Gharetikan, visited.

In this visit, Mr Rashidian, the governor of Khorasan Razavi one of the largest and most important projects Chahcahe and Sar Rud, Kalat two large dams (Chahcahe & Ghretikan) to control and regulate surface water and runoff region.
His physical progress dams Chahcahe and Sar Rud, Kalat (Chahcahe & Ghretikan) to more than 90 per cent and expressed hope that by the end of this year reached the dams in operation and farmers can use the water stored behind the dam.
Mr. Rashidian at the end of the effort and cooperation of all water engineers and specialists in the construction of two large dams that show the capabilities of Iranian engineers, appreciation
Reservoir Dam on the river Chahchahe and singing in a distance of about 110 kilometers northeast of Mashhad, to provide water for 735 hectares of land downstream, preventing water loss, creating sustainable employment and prevent rural migration in progress.
The gravel earth dam with clay core and with a height of 61 and 47 meters and a crest length of 250 meters.

Consultant: Tamavan Consulting Engineers Company

Contractor:Teeform  company